The Best ENT and Allergy Doctors in Houston

When looking for Houston allergy doctors or ENT physicians, it is important to know where to look and what qualifications to look for.  The best ENT doctors in Houston are specialists in an allergy clinic and are found at ENTAC in Houston.

What is an ENT Doctor?

Another term used to describe ENT specialists is otolaryngologist.  This medical specialty focuses on diseases of the auditory system, nose, and throat, as well as some conditions related to the head and neck.  The best ENT doctor in Houston will be a board certified specialist from the American Board of Otolaryngology, which requires a few more years of training than general medicine.  They are experts in both the surgical and medical management of multiple conditions, including:

  • Auditory conditions like frequent infections, hearing impairments, balance disorders, tinnitus, or pain
  • Nasal conditions that affect the sinuses, nose, and nasal cavity like recurrent or acute sinusitis or allergic rhinitis; these conditions generally impair smell or breathing
  • Throat conditions that affect swallowing, breathing, singing, speaking, or digestion, and
  • Head, face, and neck problems like tumors, trauma, or deformities in these areas.

Many of the conditions that ENT doctors treat are congenital, which means one is born with them, and structural in nature, such as nasal septum deviation or cleft lip and palate.

 What is an Allergy Doctor?

 Houston allergy doctors are also specialists in the field of medicine that deals with asthma and allergic diseases.  The best Houston allergy doctors are especially trained to identify triggers of asthma and allergies in order to help patients prevent attacks.  Houston allergy doctors are certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology.  Allergy doctors are generally sought in cases where asthma and allergy symptoms have become so severe over time that they affect the individual’s quality of life.  A visit to an allergist might include allergy testing, prevention education, management of asthma or allergy medications, or immunotherapy (allergy shots).  Houston allergy doctors at ENTAC are well trainedin all of these areas.

 To find the best ENT doctor in Houston or a specialized Houston Allergy Doctor, the best place to start is in researching the local area clinics and specialties; however, you can start at ENTAC in Houston.  We are equipped with specialists in both ENT and Allergy/Immunology.  The best ENT doctor in Houston and the best Houston allergy doctors can be found here at ENTAC. Call today to schedule an appointment with a board certified specialist.

from Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Clinic


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