Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Rhinosinusitis, also known as sinusitis, is a very common condition in which the sinuses or the cavities around the nasal passages become swollen and inflamed. This condition is considered chronic if symptoms persist for 12 weeks or longer, in spite of seeking treatment. Chronic rhinosinusitis can become very uncomfortable and painful, that is why it is important to be proactive with seeking proper treatment as soon as possible so that symptoms do not progress and cause more complications.

What are the causes of rhinosinusitis?

There are several causes to rhinosinusitis, such as: Nasal polyps, allergies, deviated nasal septum, colds, cystic fibrosis, exposure to smoke or other airborne irritants, and even HIV.

The common symptoms of rhinosinusitis are:

-Postnasal drainage

-Thick discolored discharge

-Nasal congestion

-Tenderness around the eyes, nose, cheeks, and/or forehead

-Facial pressure and discomfort

-Bad breath (due to mucus buildup)

-Sore throat


-Fatigue (although there are many other causes to fatigue, it is often a symptom of rhinosinusitis)

Seeing an experienced ENT Doctor in Houston, such as the ones at our ENTAC clinic, will quickly determine whether your symptoms are caused by chronic rhinosinusitis or not after being properly examined.

How is chronic rhinosinusitis diagnosed?

Our doctors are experienced enough to look into your nose and feel different areas on your face for tenderness. Of course, we have other ways to properly diagnose our patients’ conditions. Nasal endoscopy, also known as rhinoscopy, involves inserting a thin tube through the nose and into the sinuses for a closer look. Imaging such as CT scans and MRI are very useful in showing detail images of the sinus cavities. Nasal and sinus cultures are also great at determining the cause of infections which won’t respond to treatments.

Treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis:

Treatments for chronic rhinosinusitis vary depending on the severity of the symptoms. Saline water sprays are always a good and practical option for rinsing away airborne irritants. Nasal corticosteroids are also nasal sprays used to treat and prevent inflammation in the nasal passages. Antibiotics are always necessary for treating infections and rhinosinusitis is no exception. If allergies are the main cause, allergy shots, or immunotherapy, are very successful at improving the body’s reaction to certain allergens. Finally, sinus surgeons in Houston recommend sinus surgery for removing tissue, such as polyps, if they are causing blockages. A surgery can also enlarge narrow sinus openings.

Our ENTAC clinic is one of the best for allergy and immunotherapy in Houston. To get a professional diagnosis and proper treatment schedule an appointment with ENTAC Houston, TX by contacting us at 713-621-2556.

from Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Clinic


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