Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy

The world of medicine is continuously advancing and expanding. Some theories after extensive research have been proven to be facts and others have been firmly rejected and even replaced with the exact opposite. The ENT field isn’t any different. The best ENT doctors are always up to date in medicine and their field in particular. Tonsillectomies & adenoidectomies are not as commonly performed today as they once were. Yet, adenoidectomies are still the most common procedures done in children in the United States.

As their names imply, a tonsillectomy is performed to remove the tonsils and an adenoidectomy is performed to remove adenoids. The procedures are usually and more commonly done on children since these types of complications are detected at a very young age. It is common to have enlarged or swollen tonsils when a child or an adult is fighting an infection. However, permanently enlarged tonsils may cause chronic throat, ear and sinus infections. It is necessary to get a proper diagnosis from an experienced specialist such as one of our best ear, nose and throat doctors in Houston. The ENT doctor will carefully diagnose you or your loved one to discuss your specific situation and potential treatment.

When should an adenoidectomy be performed?
As mentioned earlier, it is not as readily advised to perform such procedures today, but when tonsillitis occurs often, the tonsils may lose their ability to fight off infections by not producing enough antibodies. This is when one of our throat doctors in Houston will advise to perform the procedure in order for the patient to be relieved of their chronic pain. Another reason to perform this procedure is having a blocked upper airway caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoid. This is a serious condition since it can directly have an impact on the development of the face and teeth alignment. Swollen lymph nodes that are persistent for several months despite the treatment with antibiotics is another reason for this procedure as well as having asymmetrical tonsils.
There are also instances where this procedure isn’t ideal. For example, upon visiting our ENTAC clinic and seeing one of the best throat doctors in Houston, if you complain of having mild tonsillitis enlarging the tonsils for a week, they will definitely advise you against the procedure.
If you suffer from any related discomfort, we highly recommend that you visit our ENTAC clinic in Houston so that we can discuss your particular case and reach an ideal solution. For all of your questions or concerns contact us at 713-621-2556.

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