Remedies for Sinus Pain

The average person will experience sinus pressure and pain at various points throughout their life. When you seek out sinuses treatment in Houston you will look for a throat doctor locally. Many throat doctors reside in or work out of the Houston, TX area.

Medications for Sinuses Treatment

There are prescription medications that can provide sinuses treatment. Any qualified doctor, especially a throat doctor, can go over your options with you. They can help you determine if the source of your congestion is allergies, a sinus infection, or a common cold. From here, the best medications can be determined.

Anatomy of the Sinuses

Your sinus cavities are within the bones that surround your nose. They are hollow, mucus-producing pockets. The mucus they produce drains into your nose. When your sinus cavities become inflamed or swollen they get blocked. The blockages can cause symptoms like pain, nasal dripping, tooth pain, facial pain, coughing, and, most commonly, congestion. When sinusitis is the culprit, it can last for weeks to years, even becoming chronic if not properly treated.

Alternative Remedies for Sinuses Treatment

To aid the medication, your throat doctor in Houston will give you as a sinuses treatment (or even in lieu of it) these at home remedies. While they can’t replace the qualified expertise of a medical professional, they can help make you feel better.

The most important thing you can do for sinuses treatment in Houston, a very humid environment, is to stay hydrated. Water keeps your organs functioning and keeps your sinuses moist so they don’t dry and crack. Avoid caffeine and alcohol while you are healing, as these will dehydrate you very quickly.

Spicy foods clear your sinuses. In fact, they are one of the best at-home sinuses treatments you can get. You don’t need to overdo it. A little wasabi goes a long way. Alternatively, you can eat curry, horseradish, hot peppers, and mustard.

Sinuses treatment in Houston in common since the weather and pollen combination troubles many people. If you take a nice steam bath, the hot water vapor (with or without Eucalyptus oil) will help re-moisten your passageways. As an added benefit, a steam will loosen all of the debris stuck in your nose.

Along these same lines, you can also use a humidifier, especially at night. The important thing is to clean it regularly as they can be a breeding ground for mold. You should also avoid using your humidifier during wet months. The combination of rain and a humidifier can make your home too wet and mold can form in your walls and under your floorboards. You want to have a humidity level of 35-50% in your home for the results to be ideal.

If you are trying these methods and they are either not helping or making your condition worse, be sure to see a throat doctor in Houston right away. This can sometimes indicate a bigger problem.

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